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COVID-19 Testing
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Your COVID-19 test through Affinity and Eurofins VRL is available at no cost to you, and you do not need to have insurance to be tested for COVID-19.
COVID Testing
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Average Test Turnaround Time to Receive Results: 24-36 hours*. To review your results, click the Log In button to access your account on the portal.
* Reliable with an average recollection rate (times when the test needs to be recollected to get a definitive result) of 0.26% versus an industry standard of 3-5%.
What we do
COVID-19 Testing
that is high quality, efficient, reliable, and with quick results.
Affinity eCare and Eurofins VRL are happy to provide COVID-19 testing services to the residents and schools of the State of Colorado.
Affinity COVID Clinics ®
Affinity® provides COVID-19 testing options for individuals looking for a peace of mind when engaging in day-to-day life. Our Affinity COVID Clinics® provides on-site collection options for COVID-19 testing that will be collected with a collection specialist on site as well as the option to purchase COVID-19 tests that can be taken home for self-collection. The onsite collection option is efficient and can often be completed within 5 minutes for most individuals.
Positive Patients
People who test positive for COVID-19 and are at high risk of getting very sick may be able to get therapeutic treatment to help them recover. It’s important that people get treatment within a few days of testing positive for COVID-19, as the window in which people can receive these treatments can be limited. One of the most common high-risk conditions is being overweight or obese.
There are several ways you can get treatment for COVID-19.
Call your doctor or health care provider as soon as you can to ask about treatment.
If you do not have a doctor, health care provider, or insurance, you can find a place to get treatment using the ASPR COVID-19 Therapeutics Locator or CDPHE’s therapeutics provider map.
Coloradans can use the federal Test to Treat program to seek antiviral treatment. In this program, people can get tested/present a positive test result, get a prescription for treatment from a health care provider (if appropriate), and have their prescription filled seamlessly. Find Colorado’s “Test to Treat” sites.
Learn more about COVID-19 treatment at

Affinity is a trusted partner that has been providing COVID-19 related services to states, universities, businesses, and major entertainment studios since July of 2020, and has been providing health and wellness testing and vaccine distribution for over 20+ years to employers and employee groups. Come test with a trusted partner who knows how to do testing with years of experience of providing top level services.

With over 35 years of experience in donor testing, VRL Eurofins has a national reputation for its expertise in providing comprehensive laboratory services to meet the unique testing needs of the transplant community.
Our high complexity testing laboratories offer Donor Eligibility Screening, HLA/Immunogenetics and Microbiology Testing, using the most appropriate regulated testing technologies for the transplant and medical communities. Eurofins VRL offers a robust Quality Program- FDA-registered for HCT/Ps, certifications, licenses and accreditation’s for CLIA, State Agencies, ASHI, Therapeutic Goods Administrations (TGA), German Health Authority.
Eurofins VRL laboratories have been working tirelessly to provide the best testing capabilities in the race against the current Coronavirus pandemic. Our expert teams have ensured that Eurofins can provide COVID-19 testing of the highest standard, and following all current guidelines.
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